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June is Hernia Awareness Month


Each year, roughly five million people in the United States suffer from hernias. However, many of these people are completely unaware of their condition because hernias are a frequently misunderstood health problem. Healthcare providers are attempting to make sure that people get the health they need by promoting National Hernia Awareness Month in June.

What Is Hernia Awareness?

Hernia awareness seeks to help more people understand the medical condition known as hernias. There is not a lot of public knowledge about the different types of hernias, so there are many misconceptions floating around about the topic. A hernia technically refers to any time when a part of the body protrudes accidentally into an area where it should not be located. Hernias are actually divided into four different categories: hiatal hernias that happen in the chest, femoral hernias that happen in the upper thigh, inguinal hernias that happen in the groin, and ventral hernias that happen in the abdomen. The symptoms of hernias typically include a lump in the abdomen or groin, difficulty swallowing or digesting food, and possible twinges of pain. Hernia awareness advocates hope to teach people about hernias so that they can learn to recognize the symptoms and avoid the severe medical risks of a hernia.

Why Is Hernia Awareness Important?

One of the biggest issues with a hernia is that people tend to ignore them. At first, a hernia may just appear to be an odd bulge that occasionally twinges with pain. Since most hernias need surgery to be treated, many people think that the risks of surgery are not worth the advantages of fixing a hernia. However, if a hernia is left untreated, it can actually be extremely problematic. When parts of the stomach or intestines bulge through a perforation in a muscle or another tissue, it is possible for the bulging organ to be strangulated. This happens when the trapped portion of the organ cannot get adequate blood flow. Eventually, the lack of blood flow can lead to tissue death, and the dead tissue may become infected or gangrenous. Improved hernia awareness can help people to get a hernia diagnosis and the proper treatment before these potentially deadly complications happen.

How Can You Promote Hernia Awareness?

Helping others to be aware of the signs, symptoms, and dangers of a hernia could possibly save a life. Hernia awareness is mostly spread through healthcare providers, but you can also aid in the cause. Check with your local hernia charity to see if there are any events this month that you can