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10 Signs & Symptoms of a Hernia


In the United States alone there are a few hundred thousand hernia cases reported on a yearly basis, and that’s not even including the ones that go without ever being diagnosed. Common ages for hernia discoveries are for those over the age of 40, but there is also a strong population of those under the age of 2 years old also.

Hernias can develop in more than just your groin area, and some variations of them can become fatal if not treated quickly. Contrary to popular belief, hernias can develop in women as well as men. They can also affect children, even young babies. While most associate hernias with overexertion, there are a few other types of hernias that can stem from childbirth, to those suffering from obesity.

The condition is usually painful, and requires a visit to your family doctor after just a few days of noticing it. On the bright side, some hernias have the ability to heal themselves, but there are a number of cases that do require surgeries, some even  on an emergency basis. Symptoms for hernias can be similar to many other health conditions, making image diagnostics a crucial piece of the diagnosis process.

Here are the top 10 signs and symptoms of a hernia: